Эффективность подготовки к ЕГЭ. Входной контроль по английскому языку. 10 класс

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I. Read the dialogue and mark the sentences as true (T) or false (F).

A: Hi, Ben! How were your exams?
B: Nice of you to ask about them. Everything’s all right, thanks.
A: Is it? You look worried. Is there anything wrong?
B: No, everything’s all right, but when we were waiting for the results of the exam, we spoke about our future and our career plans. You know, I was the only one who hadn’t decided yet.
A: Well, let’s try to find out what kind of job could be suitable for you. I’ve got a special test that might give us the answer. All you need to do is to answer some questions. The first one is: “Would you like to work in an office or be out and about during working hours?”
B: It depends… But no, I think I would rather work inside. It could be difficult to be outside if the weather is bad. But I want to have the opportunity to be out in good weather, too.
A: Are good working conditions, job satisfaction and stability important to you?
B: Yes, I want my job to be exciting but not very stressful. Stability is very important to me, too. But I don’t want to work at the weekends or in summer.
A: And how about job satisfaction? What does that mean to you?
B: To me, job satisfaction isn’t just a quick promotion or good money. I want to feel useful.
A: Would you prefer working with machines or with people?
B: When I was little, I enjoyed taking things apart to see how they worked. But now communicating with people is much more important to me. I want to work with nice and friendly people.
A: OK. That’s enough. Let’s have a look at the test results. Well, there is a long list of jobs which meet your requirements. And the job of babysitter is at the top of the list.
B: Babysitter?! I have never thought about babysitting, but I don’t mind working with children. I’m very good at sports and the job of a coach has a lot of advantages. I’ll definitely try to learn more about it.

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1. Ben has passed his exams.
2. Ben has no career plans and it worries him.
3. Ben wants to have any job that allows him to work outside in any weather because he hates being in an office.
4. Job satisfaction for Ben means only good money and promotion opportunities.
5. Ben discovers that a job as a coach might be suitable for him.

II. Choose the correct answer.

1. His favourite subject at school is … History.

A –
B a
C the

2. Would you like to be … doctor?

A –
B a
C the

3. The twins differ ….. each other in many ways.

A from
B for
C at

4. We’re all looking ….. to seeing you again soon.

A ahead
B around
C forward

5. My colleagues usually … four days a week, and this week they … five days.

A work, work
B are working, are working
C work, are working

6. This time next week, I … on the beach.

A be lying
B am lying
C will be lying

7. It … outside; 1 do not like to walk in such weather.

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A rains
B is raining
C is rain

8. If I … a million dollars, I would buy a house.

A had
B would have
C will have

9. They’ve decided … shopping.

A to go
B going
C go

10. Tom looks angry. He … his wallet.

A has lost
B lost
C has been loosing

11. This is the girl … parents I know.

A who
B whose
C which

12. There was no ….. that he had committed the crime.

A problem
B point
C evidence

13. My new car has broken … .

A in
B on
C down

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14. Do you get … well with Alex?

A over
B on
C at

15. Matt is really good at … .

A cook
B cooking
C to cook


1-T, 2-T, 3-F, 4-F, 5-T


Эффективность подготовки к ЕГЭ означает способность ученика достигать желаемых результатов в экзамене и демонстрировать глубокое понимание учебного материала, минимизируя при этом потерю времени и ресурсов.

Эффективная подготовка начинается с полного понимания структуры, формата и требований ЕГЭ. Это включает в себя знание того, какие предметы сдаются, какие навыки и знания оцениваются, и как оцениваются результаты.

Эффективная подготовка включает в себя использование различных учебных материалов, включая учебники, учебные пособия, онлайн-курсы, видеолекции и другие. Это позволяет более глубоко понять и закрепить материал.

Эффективность подготовки к ЕГЭ варьируется от ученика к ученику, и она может зависеть от разных факторов, включая уровень мотивации, предварительные знания и умения. Важно создать план подготовки, который наиболее соответствует вашим потребностям и возможностям, и постоянно работать над его улучшением.

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